Dear friends of the dokumentarfilmwoche hamburg,

we had been looking forward to the festival and the meetings with you. Our program is ready; unfortunately, it will never be shown like this. Nevertheless, we would like to share it with you. We are also moved by respect for the films we have chosen, for the filmmakers who have made them. Because we wish the best to every film in the program. And in the future many full cinemas with inspiring discussions. We would be delighted if our programme could arouse your interest and are looking forward to receiving feedback.

Selecting films and seeing and discussing them with the audience in the cinema in the presence of the filmmakers is what drives us on. This is the core of our festival and also the reason why we refrain from streaming all or part of our programme.

We can assure you that we will continue because our sponsors stand by their support. And we feel that everyone is moving together closer in the face of the challenge. Also, our partners, cinemas, befriended festivals and their creators: Cinema will save us!

We publish our programme as initially thought. When life has returned to some normalcy, we want to work with our partner cinemas to bring some of the things we had planned to do to the big screen. Maybe regularly once a month, in the B-Movie, in Lichtme├č, in Metropolis. We also dream of a small weekend festival, plus party. But all these are scenarios that feel very ephemeral right now.

We will be in touch.

The team of the dokumentarfilmwoche hamburg