The dokumentarfilmwoche hamburg sees itself as a forum for formally challenging, thought-provoking and demanding documentary films. For films that, through their critical approach, do not only strive to clarify subject matters, but also question inscribed codes and explore the aesthetic and political possibilities of the documentary form. The festival shows a broad spectrum of productions, ranging from experimental documentaries made without broadcasters’ participation and funding to outstanding international co-productions. The program provides an insight into the diverse works of the regional, national and international scene and their expression in the festival landscape. The international film program is complemented by an annual retrospective and the discursive series of events ›Positionen‹. 

Team dokumentarfilmwoche hamburg 2022:

Thorkil Asmussen, Francesca Bertin, Annika Börm, Tim Gallwitz, Rasmus Gerlach, Felix Grimm, Maren Grimm, Sam Heinrichs, Eva Kirsch, Johanna Klier, Sophie Peterson, Malte Rollbühler, Bernd Schoch, Antje Strohkark, Claudia Wondratschke

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