So far, so good, one would have thought – a festival under more or less normal conditions, in April, although still without our beloved festival center in the fux eG, but we will be together in our three partner cinemas Metropolis, B-Movie and Lichtmess, can share a beer or two in front of the cinema without it freezing to our hands – but no!

War is raging in Ukraine. The dokumentarfilmwoche hamburg is part of an international community of cultural workers, and we are convinced that solidarity and debate in an open society are more than just a symbolic sign against tanks, bombs and a military understanding of politics. Even if there is no alternative to self-defence by the people of Ukraine, the current debates about rearmament are part of the problem and never the solution! In view of the concrete threat to human life posed by this war, this may seem insufficient. Nevertheless: together with our guests and the audience, we would like to make a contribution to continue working for a world without dictatorships, war, exploitation and displacement, and we would like to invite you to join us.

We would like to thank our funding institutions, the Cultural Authority of the City of Hamburg, the Hamburg Cultural Foundation and the cultural department of the American Consulate in Hamburg for their support.

The team of the dokumentarfilmwoche hamburg.