Dear audience, dear people living in Hamburg, hello world!

The real sensation beforehand: The 18th dokumentarfilmwoche hamburg will take place! It had to be postponed from April to September, similar to how the previous edition, the 17th dokumentarfilmwoche, suddenly took place in October, as a short version under the umbrella of the Filmfest Hamburg. Now we are already looking into the future, wondering if at least the 2022 edition will run in April again …

But back to the here and now: Our festival cinemas are still there and ready, the festival collective is more stable than ever due to long-term planning, and there will even be an après-dok (open air!) in the Gängeviertel. And most importantly: this festival edition theoretically gives the audience the opportunity to attend (almost) all films and items on the program – a program structure we had been flirting with for quite a while. A sporty undertaking, but worth it!

Okay, one or two downers: the retrospective has to be postponed again, and there are fewer films to see overall. Yet there would probably be more to show than under “normal” conditions. After all, how many films have not reached their audience so far because of the pandemic? How many films have we overlooked in recent months because so many festivals had to be cancelled? Let’s stay tuned in together.


Support your local festival

The freund*innen der dokumentarfilmwoche hamburg is a non-profit association for people interested in documentary film who want to support our festival. This can be in form of activities at the festival or you you can help with ideas or resources. You are also welcome to help in a creative role. The freund*innenverein also plans to organize several events and screenings of documentary films over the year.

If you are interested, please contact the team at the festival or send an email to freundinnen@dokfilmwoche.com.