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How can we explain the fact that among the most formally and content-wise ambitious current documentary films there are numerous productions that decidedly address the great questions of our time (flight, migration, sexism, racism, colonialism, exploitation) and at the same time formally employ means of fictionalization? What insights or solutions do the filmmakers hope to gain from this approach? Can access to the unfathomable be made easier? Or can new realities emerge in which the present processes become negotiable in the first place? Together with the filmmakers, we want to ask ourselves these questions and are looking forward to seeing a large number of outstanding international films in Hamburg for the first time! With the support of the Hamburg Cultural Foundation, we will show the documentary productions from and about the hanseatic city, which are labelled as dokland hamburg.


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The freund*innen der dokumentarfilmwoche hamburg is a non-profit association for people interested in documentary film who want to support our festival. This can be in form of activities at the festival or you you can help with ideas or resources. You are also welcome to help in a creative role. The freund*innenverein also plans to organize several events and screenings of documentary films over the year.

If you are interested, please contact the team at the festival or send an email to freundinnen@dokfilmwoche.com.