Positionen – points of contact

With >Positionen< we want to pursue current forms and thematic trends, discover historical connections, pay tribute to impressive filmmakers and seek dialogue with the audience and other guests. We also look at points of contact between the works we have selected. This year, for example, there will be a reading and talk surrounding the new book about the work of Gerhard Friedl and the installation “Missing Films” by Laura Horelli. She worked with Friedl on two films that were never completed. In keeping with this, an audio piece was recovered in the estate of Klaus Wildenhahn, who died in 2018: This too, like the sketches by Horelli and Friedl, could have been a film about working conditions and union organization. The complex of staging in documentary film has in many places inscribed itself into the film programme and finds loud echo in the positions when in “So Much I Want to Say” the hinges between fact and auto-fiction are loosened, when in “Black Waves” documentary positions are resolutely blended with the need for staging and narration, and when in Eva Könnemann’s case it is questionable whether the worlds are found or invented. All these forms enrich the concept of the documentary.