THU 28.04.

05:30 P.M.


A Tale of Love 

Trinh T. Minh-ha, Jean-Paul Bourdier (R), USA 1995, 148 min, OmU

Trinh’s first feature film transmits the Vietnamese national poem »The Tale of Kieu« from the 19th century to the USA of the 90’s. Kieu is regarded as the soul of Vietnam, is known in every part of society and is both admired and condemned because she is prostituting herself to feed her family. The modern Kieu, who wants to live and love self-dependently, lives with her aunt and has various jobs to write and support her family. She works in an agency, researches »The Tale of Kieu« and reflects on the image of women in magazines. Additionally, she earns money as a photo model, where she is exotisised and made into this very image, but is not allowed to respond the photographer’s voyeuristic gaze. Colours and fragrances also play a major role in this context of image and desire. A sensual story of a woman’s life in the diaspora as well as imaginations about love beyond the borders of Vietnam.