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Article 15

Marie Reinert, F 2021, 40 min, French/Lingala/Swahili Original with English Subtitles

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. In their impressive film Marie Reinert and her colleagues slip into the everyday life of this huge metropolis. The focus is clearly formulated at the beginning: work. The codes, the gestures, the micro-events in the formal and informal sector of the city’s economic system are deciphered under an aesthetic magnifying glass and made tangible. In a choreographic movement the director has a smartphone camera, mounted on a specially made handle, passed from protagonist to protagonist. A dizzying rhythm unfolds, and the camera perspective becomes a kind of ‚point-of-hand shot‘. Because we are close to the hands, the hands and the bodies in motion, with their different activities, their manual work. It is often a hand-to-mouth existence for the workers. Out of the latter come words, in different languages. They become a further tool to negotiate the many transactions. (mr)

Interview with Marie Reinert.