At the Bottom of the Sea 

Karsten Krause, D 2020, 49 min, engl. OF

The southwest of Texas was once part of a seabed that over time became mountains, prairie and desert. Almost archaeologically, ‘At the Bottom of the Sea’ removes the different layers of the land. Nature is not untouched, but a document of constant movement and circulation, even in a supposed standstill. Limestone, formed over centuries, is mined within a short time. People cross the region to migrate to the USA. They leave behind belongings – and sometimes stay behind themselves. At first, the landscape appears as a picturesque imagination. But this image does not stand up to reality. It no longer seems boundless, but treacherous. ‘At the Bottom of the Sea’ brings various dimensions of the terrain to the surface, just as the sea bed once emerged.



SUN 19.04.

08:00 p.m.