At the Margin 

Sarah Hüther, Sita Scherer, D 2019, 83 min, OmeU

Since the spring of 2015, several hundred refugees have been landing daily on the Greek island of Lesbos in inflatable boats. Many, to escape the war raging in Syria. Countless refugees, however, lose their lives during the crossing. And so the tourists stay away, because the findings during snorkeling are too disturbing. Instead, journalists and people from international aid organisations come. It is the inhabitants of Lesbos in whom the film is interested and whose reports it listens to. Nobody seems to be afraid of the people who often arrive in a desolate state. Instead, anger at the conditions that force people to flee, and at a European policy which does not even want to allow them to escape in the first place. Not everyone appreciates the deployment of the Northern European helpers, who are sometimes accused of only being there for the spectacular selfies. And journalists ask stupid questions: “Have you ever seen a drowned person?” “One? In one day I saw 75!”



TUE 16.04.

07:00 p.m.

GUESTS: Sarah Hüther, Sita Scherer