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Born in Ravensbrück

Jule von Hertell, D 2021, 45 min, OmeU 

Around 900 children were born in the Ravensbrück women’s concentration camp between 1939 and 1945, only 2 to 3 percent of them survived. One of these children is Ingelore Prochnow. Left behind by her mother in a refugee camp after the liberation, she grew up with foster parents with no knowledge of where she came from. The place of birth »Ravensbrück« displayed in her passport finally prompted her to research her past and her birth mother. The film deals with attempts at reconstructing events and preserving memory without having one’s own. How can you visualize what is so incomplete and sometimes only describable as a feeling? And how can today’s memorial sites and the available material be used for this? Only 40 survivors of the Ravensbrück concentration camp can tell us in person about this place and their experiences during the Nazi regime. Ingelore Prochnow sees herself as taking on this responsibility, and that is what makes this film important.