Tiago Hespanha, POR 2019, 100 min, OmeU

South of Lisbon, in Alcochete, Europe’s largest military base stretches over 7639 hectares of land. ‘Campo’ by Tiago Hespanha, observes how all activities and movements taking place there are recorded, documented and analysed. Sheep, bees, birds, trees, stars or wind exist here as placeholders of an only apparent nature, in which the troops of the Portuguese army work on their bodies in various exercises and learn the craft of war. The aestheticization of found reality is strongly condensed in impressive images through a commentary of mythical texture. Through this alienating effect, a highly strange (film) world is created, in which not only the boundaries between reality and fiction seem to dissolve, but in which narrative can be captured in documentary form. A critical history of mankind‘s civilization emerges.



FR 17.04.

04:00 p.m.

GUEST: Tiago Hespanha