Delphine et Carole, insoumuses 

Callisto Mc Nulty, F/CH 2019, 70 min, OmeU

When the actress Delphine Seyrig takes part in a film workshop in Carole Roussopoulos’ apartment in the 1970s, neither of them can guess what significance this meeting will go on to have for them. In 1974, together with Ioana Wieder,they founded the feminist video collective “Les Insoumuses”. Together they use media strategies to multiply and advance feminist struggles in France and beyond. Delphine et Carole’ bears witness to a great friendship between two women, political devotion and the brazen joy of trying to overthrow the patriarchy. Together they film the protests with one of the first available portable cameras in France or interview women from the film industry. All their activities are aimed at getting women behind the camera, producing films and speaking for themselves. An impressive personal and political contemporary document that can still inspire feminist collectives and practices today.



SAT 18.04.

03:00 p.m.