Dokumentarische Fiktionen 

Zwei Filme von Eva Könnemann


Das offenbare Geheimnis

Eva Könnemann, D 2015, 29 min, OmeU

While researching local coats of arms, the director accidentally comes across the small community of Emmelsum in North Rhine-Westphalia. Her coat of arms shows a large bee on a green background. Emmelsum has around 300 inhabitants, has never been independent and has no special sights. A film about nothing. Only the existence of an inland port makes one believe in a connection to another, perhaps larger world.

Welt an Bord

Eva Könnemann, D 2019, 29 min, OmeU

The world passes by in this film as if it had been neatly lined up on the bank expecially for the camera. The main perspective is that of a camera on board a cargo ship, and bargemen and women talk about their unique life on the water. A filmmaker is on board and wants to become part of this world. But what kind of world is it? Is it world found like this or is it an invented one? And where might the freedom be greatest?



SUN 19.04.

03:45 p.m.