Enthusiasmus (Donbass-Sinfonie)

Dziga Vertov, Sowjetunion 1931, 65 min, OmeU

In 1931 the first Soviet sound film was fully performed for the first time: In front of 1800 workers, Vertov, who also gave a speech in Yiddish, showed ›enthusiasm‹ in the Schauburg on the Reeperbahn – where the »Dancing Towers« now stand. A month later, the film is banned by the SPD Minister of the Interior. Since then, the film copy has been falling apart. The ›Donbass Symphony‹ harmonizes industrial sounds and views of the working world in the Donbass basin: on the street, in front of steel stoves and threshing machines, close-ups of workers – with one special feature: there is no socialist pathos. The camera makes jumpy jumps. The machine ballet is assembled. From 1972 Peter Kubelka from Vienna started to continue the film in its experimental form, with a slight shift of image and sound (“re-synchronization”) instead of a sober restoration. For a more in-depth look at the history of this film and its restoration, we are offering a conversation between Rasmus Gerlach and Peter Kubelka in the festival center on Saturday, April 18 at 4 p.m.


FRI 17.04.

09:30 p.m.