FRI 22.04.

12:00 P.M.




Manque La Banca, ARG/BRA 2021, 74 min, Spanish Original with English Subtitles

Bariloche is Argentina’s most important ski resort and attracts tourists from all over South America. What at first appears like the stylized look out of an advertising clip with its white flashing snow, however, is home to a completely different reality: an indigenous community that lives at the foot of the high, snow-covered mountains in precarious living conditions. The film ›Esquí‹ by Manque La Banca traces different paths in this field of tension, linking divergent stories and materials into a rhythmically dense narrative of facts and legends. They are impressions of everyday life between the slopes and marginalized districts: holidaymakers and workers, those who have traveled there and long-time residents, whose different perspectives and needs converge in the ski area. A film that makes you think about a tragic story of violence and expulsion and points to the topicality of social grievances that have not been overcome to this day. (fb/mr)