Joachim Iseni, AUT 2018, 37 min, OmeU

Pork has been produced on a small scale on the farm of the Feichtmair family since the 60s. Prices are down – it‘s crunch-time! The now 81-year-old owner of the company, Mrs. Rosa Feichtmair, has relied on the active support of her daughter Margarete for about 20 years. When she, as a result of the permanent double burden – job as a nurse and mother’s helper – is close to burnout, a conflict about the future of the farm and the “meat weeks” (Fleischwochen) arises. The activities and procedures of this week of meat processing correspond to the struggles and conflicts of mother and daughter. This film cannot be compared with television formats such as ‘One week among butchers’: sure, the butchery industry certainly needs new blood, and television is happy to help. But our attention is focused on the documentary guild and future, and in this cinematic Bifi sausage it is the fine documentary humour that does not expose the protagonists, but makes the audience complicit when the farmer is out and about with his fly swatter …



FRI 17.04.

07:00 p.m.