SUN 19.04.

03:00 p.m.



Forgetting Vietnam 

Trinh T. Minh-ha, USA 2015, 90 min, English OV

›Forgetting Vietnam‹ is a filmic exploration of the legacy of the Vietnam War 40 years after its ending. Trinh builds her narrative on the two central myths of Vietnam and unfolds the film as a dialogue between land and water. Land (đất) and water (nứớc) form the Vietnamese concept of nation (đất nứớc) and are thus inseparable in the creation of Vietnam. The elementary contrast is both a cultural concept and the ordering principle of the film. So ›Forgetting Vietnam‹ alternates between recordings of 1995 and 2012 – between forgetting and remembering, old and new. In the everyday lives of her protagonists the dualities play a major role. Thus, the old war traumas always reawaken anew in the collective memory, as soon as there is an attempt to forget them. At the same time, the film questions the imperative of a linear temporality in relation to the past and present through the juxtaposition of the various recording periods. Both are always an expression of the other.