Gerhard Friedl. Ein Arbeitsbuch 

Buchpräsentation mit Lesung und Filmvorführung

Gerhard Friedls oeuvre is as narrow as it is unique. The films >Knittelfeld – Stadt ohne Geschichte< (1997) and >Hat Wolff von Amerongen Konkursdelikte begangen?< (2004) have crucially expanded the possibilities of documentary work. Using seemingly simple means – static, precisely composed shots, horizontal pans and camera movements that glide into the depths of the image, counteracted by a soberly presented, reporting narrative from offstage – Friedl succeeds in creating a crystal-clear and at the same time hermetic, densely woven fabric in the interplay of the montage. After completing >Amerongen< Friedl turned his attention towards workers disputes in the USA at the end of the 19th century, but >Panik von 94< did not get beyond the research status. >Shedding Details< (2009) and its unknown complementary piece >The Frontier Owners< (2008), created together with Laura Horelli during a scholarship in the USA, reveal traces of these conflicts and should have been the starting point to a more comprehensive examination of the precarious working conditions of service personnel in Las Vegas. Ten years after Friedl’s death in summer 2009, the volume >Gerhard Friedl. Ein Arbeitsbuch< edited and presented here by Volker Pantenburg the work of the filmmaker comprehensively visible for the first time. After the screening of >Knittelfeld – Stadt ohne Geschichte< the project >Panik von 94< will be presented in a reading. >Shedding Details< and >The Frontier Owners< will also be shown in the exhibition space festival center throughout the duration of the festival.

Volker Pantenburg (ed.), Österreichisches Filmmuseum / Synema, Vienna 2019. Available at the book table in the festival center.  


Knittelfeld – Stadt ohne Geschichte

Gerhard Benedikt Friedl, AUT/D,1997, 35 min, OmeU

From off screen: the story of the Pritz family, a narrative of escalation of increasingly grotesque crimes. On screen: plain places of the Austrian town of Knittelfeld.



THU 16.04.

11:00 a.m.