TUE. 16.09.

7:00 P.M.



Mr. Bachmann and his class

Maria Speth, D 2021, 217 min, OmeU

The students of a 6th grade class in Stadtallendorf, Hessen, are about to make the transition to a secondary school. They are struggling with math, grammar and themselves. However, »School as usual« is not on the agenda because their kind teacher, Mr Bachmann, does not believe in pressure to perform. He values the people whose identity he recognizes and supports with curiosity and empathy. By asking questions, insisting, and often making music together, he contributes to the development of personality and talent. The young people’s relationship to the place, which is characterized by migration, plays an essential role.
Maria Speth and cameraman Reinhold Vorschneider carefully and precisely observe the social fabric in a time that is so formative for life. They draw connections to the history of Stadtallendorf and show how diversity can break up the continuity of the everyday. A long-term observation for all who want to understand why good schools are not utopian and why answers to major social questions can already be found there.