If It Were Love 

Patric Chiha, F 2020, 82 min, OmeU

How does one transform a dance theatre performance of superimposed movements and temporal shifts in the manner of a loose literary adaptation for cinema? This question underlies Patric Chiha’s film. He condenses rehearsals and performances of an ensemble tour of the dance piece ‘Crowd’ by Gisele Vienne about the rave scene in the 90s into an intense cinematic experience. Stage shots are undercut with intimate moments of the dancers* backstage. “To see the dust rise from his cloth when he moves”, one of the dancers describes the hypersensitive emotional world of his danced character in relation to another. The space between their roles in the piece and their own experiences of desire and longing disappears visibly. With the help of the precisely selected techno tracks, the suspended situation and the oscillation between collective intoxication and individual fall create an intense cinematic suction effect that comes close to a trance-like club experience.



SAT 18.04.

10:15 p.m.