SUN 19.09.

10:30 UHR


PANEL & Q&A: 3 P.M.

Journey Back Home

Christian Scholz, D 2021, 94 min, OmeU

Christian and Stefan (Steve) Scholz grew up well protected in Namibia – Christian’s community service brought him to Hamburg. Decades later, they returned to the country in southern Africa, where they were raised strictly white. Christian went to boarding school, where there were no black students, was confirmed, and his brother Stefan joined the Swapo resistance, for which Christian also campaigned in the Federal Republic – a commitment that might not quite fit a person doing community service, at least when it comes to the test of conscience for nonviolence … A story that is not easily told. A generation later, the compensation of the victims of the genocide of Hereros and Nama under German colonial administration is on the agenda for the first time and gives the film a direction – shows the means by which the brothers made politics as whites in the black community.
The film relies on the unbrokenness of the first-person narration – a narrative model that can also be thought of differently. 

This film and ›Stop Filming Us‹ (LINK) by Joris Postema will be followed by a panel (LINK) and joint Q&A of both films at 3 p.m., also in the Metropolis.