Just Don’t Think I’ll Scream 

Frank Beauvais, F 2019, 75 min, OmeU

Several months of loneliness at the end of a relationship. Retreat to a small space. 400 films accompanied by depression, drug use, midlife crisis. The attempt to continue, to not stop, to find meaning. Frank Beauvais’ ‘Ne croyez surtout pas que je hurle’ weaves a text-image constellation that brings together his thoughts – about himself, France, the country and the city, the state of the world – with short, almost lightning-like moments from all these films. “Like an addict who decides not to stop, but to look at and comment on his addiction,” the filmmaker once described this procedure. In addition to looking inwards, however, the cinephile practice also becomes visible as an outward movement that is able to discover the state of the world in all the privately consumed images. On the one hand, this delusion is too much, too excessive, hard to process, on the other hand, it is also a form that corresponds to the world and makes it visible : in gestures, metaphors, conscious and unconscious images, which are always already charged with the world, no matter how much one tries to hide away.



SAT 18.04.

09:00 p.m.