THU 21.04.

09:00 P.M.




Serpil Turhan, D 2021, 90 min, German/Turkish/Kurdish Original with German Subtitles

Neno, Saniye and Hêvîn – three Kurdish women living in Berlin. The focus of the conversations the village – ›Köy‹. Neno, Serpil Turhan’s grandmother, moved from the village to Istanbul in 1972 and later followed her husband to Germany. Above all, she remembers her suffering, but the village is also the place where she would like to return at the end of her life. Saniye also feels contradictions: Since she has never consciously lived in the village, she would like to know what it is like there in winter when snow falls. That the political situation in Turkey, and especially the situation in Kurdistan make life there difficult, she sees as a challenge. Hêvîn, who is politically active in Berlin, doesn’t want to have to worry about being able to fly “home”. When her parents were born, the Turkish government was already waging war against Kurdistan, which continues until this day.
From a distance, the three protagonists, together with the filmmaker, circle the village where the lines of Kurdish, Turkish and German identities converge, where the history of the past and present inevitably leads to holding a position. (jk)