FRI 22.04.

06:30 P.M.




Aleksey Lapin, AUT 2021, 123 min, Russian/German/English/Italian Original with English Subtitles

A small village in Russia near the Ukrainian border. It’s summer and a film crew from Vienna arrives under the pretext of wanting to make a “historical film”. In the midst of the village reality of folk festivals, going to church and everyday work, a cinematic game develops between the team and the village community. A casting is held, cinema is pondered over by the river and the filming process itself is reflected upon. The villagers – including the director’s relatives – talk about the past, current problems and future dreams. The village seems to be bewitched, rumor has it that a mysterious gas is causing cars to break down, driving people crazy and causing the electricity grid to collapse. In the in-between of at times fairytale-like fictional elements, staged scenes and everyday observations, an image of reality emerges that eludes clear attributions. Documentation and fiction meet in poetic fragments of village life. (ek)