Missing Films  

Film- and Audioinstallations

Some films are never realised, but there are traces that hint to what they could have been. Laura Horelli and Gerhard Friedl met in L.A. 2007 and develop the idea for a film project that would deal with the working conditions and union organization in large hotel casinos in Las Vegas. The preliminary studies >Shedding Details< and >The Frontier Owners< are developed. 
In 1977 Klaus Wildenhahn and Gerd Haag want to make a documentary film about the situation of workers in the ore mining and the steel industry of the Siegerland. This film will also never be made but out of sound inquiries results in a radio play for the WDR (West German Broadcast).

What both approaches have in common is that, in addition to specific working conditions, they are also interested in the trade union organisation found on site, but are confronted with the need to report on the lack of organisation in the labour dispute. So a double gap is revealed: They are missing films about an ever appearing missing struggle.  

Shedding Details

Gerhard Friedl, Laura Horelli, USA/D 2009, Video, 25 min, OmeU

Slavica Tricolic gets fired by a feint after ten years of working in a mega resort in Las Vegas. She asks to record her story. 

The ‘Frontier’ Owners

Gerhard Friedl, Laura Horelli, USA/D 2008, Video, 21 min, engl. OF

Las Vegas is not only the city of gambling but also home of the influential US-American union. Seven actors of the Culinary Union 266 give disclosures about their work.

Da wo die Kamine qualmen, da musst du später hin

Klaus Wildenhahn, Gerd Haag (R), BRD 1978, Audio , 86 min, dt. OF

2500 years of ore mining do not pass people and the landscape without leaving its mark. Recorded on tape: „conversation, narrations, stories, history.“
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