FRI 22.04.

08:30 P.M.




Arthur Summereder, AUT 2021, 86 min, German Original with English Subtitles

Drag races are perhaps something like the overemphasis of an epoch of automotive progress that is coming to an end. Seen from today’s perspective, as equally off the beaten track as fascinating. Summereder’s film portrays some Detroiters who dedicate their lives to this mad sport. The result is both a deep dive into the history of a city most associated with the automotive industry and unintentionally funny, without ever being disrespectful. This is ensured not least by the US immigration officials, who are suspicious of the small number of underpants in the filmmaker’s luggage and thus in doubt of the purpose of his entry. The general question of meaning is therefore posed. About as long as 1290 drag races would last, ‘Motorcity’ unfolds a narrative that, unlike its subject matter, does not start over and over again, but makes some succinct statements about a society and its urge to move forward as such. (mg)