Nach zwei Stunden waren zehn Minuten vergangen /
After two hours ten minutes had passed. 

Steffen Goldkamp, D 2019, 20 min, OmeU

Rituals of waiting: sitting on the bed, lying down, sleeping. Routines of alertness: searching through cisterns, opening gifts, reading letters. A youth prison on the Elbe island of Hahnöfersand. It is only a few minutes by boat from here to Landungsbrücken. Behind the walls life is isolated in prescribed rooms, only a few echoes penetrate from outside.”Who kept the gang together?” asks an inmate into the receiver only to answer himself: “Nobody since I left!” A turtle crawls over the corridors and rehearses its release.  A string sonata by Beethoven begins. Time locked up in a cell that is narrow and endless.Waiting and alertness. What’s next?



WED 15.04.

8 p.m.