Anne Hufschmid und Jan-Holger Hennies, MEX/D 2019, 54 min, span. OmeU

At least 40,000 people are missing in Mexico. Mostly it is young people who disappear without a trace. Again and again mass graves filled with body parts are found. Self-organized collectives, like the “Grupo Vida” or the “Colectivo Solecito” usually consist of relatives of victims and give them support in the unbearable nature of their fate. Using their own forensic expertise and equipment, they tirelessly search for graves and carry out excavations in the hope of being able to identify a person from the fragments. They can‘t expect much support from the state and its institutions.
The film follows the work of the collectives in a sober and distant manner.
This approach of a film team acting from an outsider’s perspective, makes it possible to sense the complexity of the interrelations as well as the psychological abysses, and creates space for a qualitative examination of the topic while recognizing its urgency.


SUN 19.04.

02:00 p.m.

GUEST: Jan-Holger Hennies