Kate Tessa Lee, Tom Schön, D/Mauritius 2019, 84 min, OmeU

Marie Louise Édouard lives on the island of Rodrigues in the Indian Ocean. She can no longer pursue octopus spearing, her actual activity and livelihood. Environmental influences and changing markets have contributed to this while politics introduces rules, sets time frames, defines access. The film focuses on the woman and her everyday life – in the concrete absence and yet tangible presence of her former way of life. Other jobs now help her make ends meet, improvisation is required. Around her, at the edges of the field of vision, on the horizon of the calm, long-held images of a landscape flooded with light, always slightly in motion, the gap is clearly noticeable. The global realities, climate change, the economy, the downfall of a tradition are part of this film, but in its form are linked back to a concrete experience of space and time, of landscape and everyday life: Ultimately, the film above all describes a being in the world that can no longer keep up, a beauty that generates stasis that allows her curse to be forgotten.



SUN 19.04.

05:30 p.m.