Poetry, facts and fiction – reworking consistences 

Panel with discussion

Trinh’s films, like her writings, establish her role as a pioneer of postcolonial, feminist perspectives. Perception, appropriation and attribution of the “other” is a central subject of her work. The disciplines in which the other participants in the panel are located also each have a long history of confrontations, struggles and reworking behind them. The documentary film, which Trinh once provocatively claimed did not exist, ideally takes up this challenge again and again. The deconstruction of the given is and remains manual work, as is the disclosure of (power) relationships, the disturbance of supposed certainties, the creation of access and the reappraisal of what has been. This connects the discussants not only among themselves but also with the concerns of this festival. With: Trinh T. Minh-ha, Dorle Dracklé (cultural scientist, ethnographer), Suy Lan Hopmann (curator for outreach), Julia Bee (assistant professor for image theory).


SAT 18.04.

02:00 p.m.