Property – Träume von Räumen 

Matthias Lintner, D 2019, 85 min, OmeU

The battle is lost. The logic of urban development is breaking new ground. Old life, abandoned property, luxury renovation, new life. The few remaining residents of Kleine Bremer Höhe in the east of Berlin, a housing estate from the Bismarck years, don’t have much time left. Director Matthias Lintner lived there six years by himself. With his camera he measures the precarious ensemble while reading George Perec’s essay „Dreams of Spaces“ from 1974: „You do not think often enough about the stairs. Nothing was more beautiful in the old houses than the old stairs. Nothing was more ugly, colder, more hostile, fussy in the tenements today. One should learn to live more in the staircases. But how?“ With great tenderness the film encounters the household consisting of freaks and lost ones whose past has begun already. It is a quiet, hovering requiem on forms of existence and living together outside the mainstream. Non-functioning as freedom.



SAT 18.04.

05:00 p.m.