Ralfs Farben 

Lukas Marxt, AUT/D/F/ES 2019, 74 min, OmeU

We cannot use the same light, but completely new keys with completely new light, and even these are detectable only under certain conditions,” Ralf says at one point. The words of the schizophrenic man accompany a good part of the experimental portrait by Lukas Marxt (who worked on ‘Ralfs Farben’ in close cooperation with the artist Michael Petri), overlapping with the pictures of Lanzarote, where the protagonist lives in seclusion.
Landscape and cinema amalgamate in this film, to become spaces of thought and sensory spaces of an interior, while also creating projected images of an outside. The thinking of the man at the centre of the film does not run along straight lines, but in circles, spirals and Möbius loops and determines the filmic structure in its entirety: one loses oneself in this space, in time, in the distances; searches in vain for a sense of location in the actual, physical sense and finds it instead (and as a result of this uncertainty) in an attitude, a certain formation of thought, which – paradoxically – lingers in permanent movement, in a “succession of changing states“ (Deleuze).



FRI 17.04.

07:00 p.m.