THU 21.04.

08:30 P.M.




Marko Grba Singh, SRB 2021, 62 min, Serbian Original with English Subtitles

During the Kosovo war, the grandfather captures scenes from the family’s everyday life: the then ten-year-old filmmaker introduces his hamsters, the family dog is portrayed. The adults strive for normality. 20 years later, Grba Singh confronts a nightmare that has haunted him for a long time and revisits the locations from the times of the video recordings. The burned-in date stamp shows March 23, 1999, the day the first bombs fell on Belgrade. The grandfather documents: “For history!” The thoughtful images of today of the boy then search for clues, recognizable places, the camera sweeps over fading children’s drawings on a wall. Videotapes pixelate and fade to crumbling facades in modern-day Belgrade. Is there sense to this? Is history written by the winners? Who wins in a war? ›Rampart‹ denotes a fortress wall as well as “to protect oneself”. Eventually the nightmare stopped. (mg)