Reiseführer durch 23 Tage im Mai

Klaus Wildenhahn, D 1993, 120 min, dt. OF

Episodes from 23 days of strike in Brandenburg – the first strike in East Germany in 60 years The trigger was the sale of the Elekro steelworks to the Italian Riva Group by the Treuhand. On the call of an old union friend, Klaus Wildenhahn went to Brandenburg with cameraman Klaus Groth. On the first of May, they will be shooting tap dancing in tailcoats. After 20 days of strike, they will film the kung fu film ‘Das Schwert’ (The Sword) until 1 a.m. at the strike bar. Then it’s back to the daily routine of the strike: strikers and those willing to work collide at the factory gate, between them truck drivers and crane operators – a female profession, but with the turnaround it’s all over in no time. The young are retrained, the old are released. At the beginning and the end of this black and white documentary film the same picture is shown: a slightly shabby room in a pub in Brandenburg. One dances a little clumsily to pop music – the strike is over.


FRI 17.04.

02:00 p.m.