FRI 22.04.

09:30 P.M.



Rock Bottom Riser

Fern Silva, USA 2021, 70 min, English OV

›Rock Bottom Riser‹ is a wild, psychedelic-essayistic film trip that, in an associative montage, connects gravitational lava flows with interstellar objects, vaporiser vapor clouds with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The point of departure for Silva’s film is the island chain of Hawaii and his interest in traditional Polynesian navigation technology. This forgotten feat of civilization and a giant telescope planned despite protests atop Mauna Kea volcano, a sacred site in Native American mythology, are traces of past, present, and future colonial practices that Fern Silva shrinks, stretches and burtsts in an oscillating motion. At the same time, the film takes great pleasure in sabotaging classic storytelling patterns of conventional cinematic narratives and violently staging heterogeneous material in a pop-cultural mash-up. (bs)

The screening in Hamburg will be the premiere of the recently completed 35mm print of the film.