THU 21.04.

05:45 P.M.



Shoot for the Contents 

Trinh T. Minh-ha, USA 1991, 101 min, English OV

Quotations and allegories traverse through the film; a questioning multivocality remains until the end. At first, the gazes search for the „exotic“, the „typical: the traditional arts of China – calligraphy, painting, opera, gardening – the rural way of life, in earthworks, villages on stilts, canal towns. The camera here seams oddly silent, meandering, detached. Conversations, partly staged, partly overlapping and edited asynchronously, take place in separate settings; they touch film censorship, Tian’anmen and China’s Africa policy. China as a mysterious entity that, like the old parlor game, popular among the elite, is to be solved by repeated guessing: „Guessing the content of (locked) boxes“, also: ›Shoot for the Contents‹ can refer to documentary practices per se or be read concerning the shooting down at the Tian’anmen protests. „They couldn’t distinguish all the different forms, so they were aiming blindly at the contents.“