Sie ist der andere Blick 

Christiana Perschon, AUT 2018, 90 min, OmeU

›Sie ist der andere Blick‹ is a film which strikes luck at least seven times. A young director portrays six female artists who found their way into a clearly male-dominated art business from the 1970s onwards. The result is a polyphonic and pointed examination of the questions situated in the female side of art, the politicization of the personal and the significance of self-reflective processes. This “different view” is permeated by the clarity and lack of vanity of its protagonists, as well as the filmmaker‘s sure sense of the “correct” form of decentered perspective.
Through its own rhythm of looking and waiting, of listening and echoing, a cinematic portrait is created that reaches beyond the individual and increasingly becomes a cross-generational collaboration. This is quite an achievement, but the work is by no means done. The fight continues!



SUN 19.04.

06:30 p.m.