So Much I Want to Say 

Filmprogramm: Weibliche Autofiktion und Selbstermächtigung

Everyone’s life is a story. It only makes sense as a narrative. The formative instinct sorts, suppresses, emphasizes, refines to a contour. Not to reality, but to a concept. The female ME is a hub for cultural and gender relations. It relates speaking, writing, filming to sexist, racist, paternal fixations. It always takes a stand, also as an aesthetic trick. It can’t help it: “So much I want to say”. We show different narratives of female MEs: queere (Reeves, Prodger), postcolonial (Barrada, Hatoum) and those that play with the propagandistic effects of the medium (Prouvost). Unruly auto-fictions that overwhelmingly question the connection between author, narrator, picture-sound level and audience. Some appear present, others meditative or deliberately narcissistic. Whoever has a picture is seen, was there, can shape himself, can be the subject and object of his gaze (Reeves). The identity of a female ME is fanned out (Hatoum). Filming becomes a chronicle of the family, researching one’s own occurrence (Chan Hau Chun), documented with (found) footage, the authenticity of which is as pretended (Barrada) as the reliability of the voiceover (Prouvost). As much as they dismantle the postulate of authenticity, they struggle with the social design of the feminine. The program would like to talk about the translation of this doubt into aesthetic strategies that establish multi-perspective subjectivities and loosen the hinges between fact and fiction. We want to talk about that. With experts and with YOU.


Hand-Me Downs

Yto Barrada, MAR/F 2011, 15 min, engl. OF

Measures of Distance

Mona Hatoum, GB 1988, 16 min, engl. OF


Chan Hau Chun, HK 2015, 32 min, OmeU

Monsters in the Closet/span>

Jennifer Reeves, USA 1993, 15 min, engl. OF


Charlotte Prodger, GB 2019, 39 min, engl. OF

Dit Learn

Laure Prouvost, BEL 2017, 16 min, engl. OF



FRI 17.04.

02:00 p.m.