THU 21.04

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Sonne Unter Tage 

Mareike Bernien, Alex Gerbaulet, D 2022, 39 Min, German Original with English Subtitles

A polyphonic narrative weaves its way through time, like through thicket on a midnight hike. Where is the beginning? Darkened views, illuminated by the glow of a flashlight or fluorescent mineral, become a metaphor for chance discoveries and the hidden. On a visual level the film reflects on the limits of what can be seen and thus visualizes the effect of the invisible radioactive rays, the story of which the film follows. Rays that cannot be felt, smelled or tasted, but which have left geopolitical and physical traces. The story focuses on the former uranium mining areas in Saxony and Thuringia, which bear witness to the former Soviet-German joint-stock company Wismut, which was one of the largest uranium producers in the world from 1946 to 1990. In a disconcerting manner the archive of German nuclear history lights a path to the present and beyond with no foreseeable end in sight. (jk)


THU 21.04.

05:45 P.M.



Arrival Points

Rheim Alkadhi, LB/GR/D 2021, 40 min, English OV

An incredibly dense text that changes its (narrative) perspective, its language and its focal points organically and fluently forms the core of ›Arrival Points‹. The narrator’s voice lies on top of Super 8 material, black frames or found footage cell phone photos. Whether on the Majnoon oil field in southern Iraq, the port of Beirut destroyed by the explosion, the coastal areas of Lesbos or in the burnt down Moria refugee camp and its successor camp: the camera moves searchingly over what is found and what is imaginarily absent. The focus of the artistic, ethnographic research is the description of refugee movements, border politics and arrival processes at the external borders of the European Union. The text, which sometimes takes on collective, sometimes subjective forms, illuminates the fluid character of these arrival points and the violence prevailing at the EU borders. Throughout, techniques of warfare, of globalization, but also of image production and survival are poetically named and questioned. (ek/mr)

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