Space Dogs 

Elsa Kremser, Levin Peter, AUT/D 2019,91 min, OmeU

A ghost is haunting Moscow. Laika, the first creature to be launched into space by humans in 1957, moves through the parks and urban canyons as an invisible shadow. So the legend goes. The street dog survived only four hours in the Sputnik-2 capsule before she burned up upon re-entering the atmosphere. Her corpse is the gust of air that brushes the snouts of her descendants, her tragic story merges with their relentless presence. Space Dogs follows a pack of Moscow street dogs. Always at eye level with its protagonists, the camera observes the animals in their territorial fights, their hunt for food, their solidarity. Images full of raw beauty and open brutality – which are linked with archive footage from the Soviet space programme, in which, besides Laika, many other dogs were abused for high-flying scientific and imperial visions. A film about animal outlaws and cosmonauts. Not a film for cats.



SUN 19.04.

09:30 p.m.