Taste of Hope 

Laura Coppens, CH/D 2019, 71 min, OmeU

For a total of 1336 days, workers occupied the production facilities of the Fralib tea factory after the global corporation, Unilever, announced its closure in 2010. With success. They took possession of the factory in 2016 and have been producing tea under their own management, the Scop-TI tea refining cooperative, ever since. ‘Taste of Hope’ begins after these events: On an assembly line Coppens sends us into the cooperative working life and the struggle for economic survival. For two years she accompanied the workers in their daily struggles and followed the processes of self-government and shared competences in all their complexity. Between production processes, product discussions, tea tastings and general meetings, the question of how new possibilities of existence can succeed, arises. How to succeed in a market economy governed by profit and subject to permanent competition? ‘Taste of Hope’ shows an attempt to shift the rules of the game.



THU 16.04.

09:00 p.m.

GUEST: Laura Coppens