That Which Does Not Kill 

Alexe Poukine, BEL/F 2019, 83 min, OmeU

›That Which Does Not Kill’ begins with an experience. It is that of young Ada. At the age of 19, she meets a man. He invites her to his house for dinner one night, and she accepts. After dinner, he rapes her – three times. Alexe Poukine takes up this story, which Ada confided in her after a film screening. She talks to her friends about it and let them tell Ada’s story in front of the camera. In doing so, the women and men remember experiences they have had themselves, thus weaving their memories into each other with those of Ada. The film shows in a cautious way how such a subject can be talked about. It is first and foremost a sensitive gesture towards all those who are affected themselves, and at the same time it reveals the structural dimension of these experiences and the pain.



SUN 19.04.

04:00 p.m.