FRI 22.04.

04:30 P.M.

The Fourth Dimension 

Trinh T. Minh-ha, USA/JPN 2001, 97 min, English OV

For this film Trinh works with a digital camera for the first time. The result is, as she says herself: “The Image of Japan as mediated by the experience of ‘dilating and sculpting time’ with a digital machine vision.” It compiles scenes from public life, in cities, in religious places, profane everyday events and traditional dances and rituals. In addition, the filmmaker reflects from off screen on perceptual apparatuses, the role of technology and changing relationships: to and between images and their meanings, between time and memory, and how the producers of the images create an archive of these relationships both individually and collectively. Last but not least, the art historical discourse of the West has always been particularly interested in “the other” in the perspective of Far Eastern imaging techniques – to a certain extent Trinh also continues this engagement with the means of the digital.