The Last Painting

Tom Salt, D 2019, 14 min, engl. OF

The picture slowly emerges on the canvas. John Salt, father of the filmmaker, finds it difficult to hold the brush.
Finally it was done: ›The Last Painting‹.


Eine Seltenheit sind Uhren und Landschaften

Luis Villacis, D/COL 2019, 44 min, OmeU

How does it sound when clouds move in front of mountains or an earthworm winds through the mud – and what do they have to do with an old story from the mountains of Colombia? Luis Villacis experiments with sound and image to get to the bottom of a 19th century event. What is important here is not what has happened, but the careful approach to it. The film visits relevant places in the story, but not in order to put them together in a coherent narrative, but rather to let the omissions in each story speak.
A convincing debut, above all thanks to its fine observations and highly artificial sound.






FRI 17.04.

08:30 p.m.