Un Film Dramatique 

Éric Baudelaire (R), Schüler*innen des Coll`ege Dora Maar (K), F 2019, 114 min, OmeU

Camera and microphone are operated by children in this film, form and content are discovered little by little. Over the course of four years the students of the film class at the Collège Dora Maar in Saint-Denis developed their film together with Éric Baudelaire. And even if “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité” is emblazoned on their school façade, the sixth to ninth graders already know that this slogan only applies to them to a limited extent. They live in Saint-Denis, the “problem district” par excellence, of the Parisian banlieue, after all. For those who live here, the majority of society seems to reserve a place between resignation and delinquency only. And so they discuss: Will my intelligence and friendliness help me, or will I always be judged only by the colour of my skin and my social background? In what kind of society do we want to live? Who do I want to be? What type of film are we making anyway? A feature film? A documentary film? No, a dramatic film! – A stunningly beautiful one at that.


TUE 16.04.

08:30 p.m.

GUEST: Éric Baudelaire