FRI 22.04.

06:30 P.M.



Uncomfortably Comfortable

Maria Petschnig, USA/AUT 2021, 72 min, English OV

In the run-up to this film, Maria Petschnig and Marc Thompson prepared a mutual questionnaire in which their expectations and willingness are recorded. Maria is a white European artist based in New York and Marc is »her project«. He knows that and agrees to it. Marc is a native New Yorker, African American and lives on the streets. More precisely, in his jeep. He himself says he doesn’t live, he survives. We learn enough of his personal history to understand why he feels this way. But the fact is that ›Uncomfortably Comfortable‹ is not one of those films after which we »Caucasians« shake our heads and think something like: It’s great that this man has retained his human dignity. And in the end it all turns out quite well for him. No, quite wrong: it is we who, in the end, have to feel uncomfortable in our coziness in the face of this great lesson about racism. (mg)