SAT 23.04

05:45 P.M.




Ruben van den Belt, NL/D 2021, 22 min, Netherlands Original with German subtitles

In his attempt to make statements about the development of the world, the filmmaker Ruben van den Belt cannot avoid something that seems to be of comparable magnitude in his essay film ›Ungenordet‹: the self. In a cinematic journey, he travels through his autobiographical stages, questions their constitutions and relates his personal expectations to them. As a child in a Dutch terraced house, how did he imagine his future? What would his life be like now if he had settled in the Dutch provinces? How is he getting along in his new adopted home of Hamburg? In dialectical fashion he confronts and reflects his self-discovery with major questions about the present, in which he sensitively and formally skilfully lets the perspectives meander in their bandwidth. The result is a short film carried by a sympathetic voiceover that can be understood as a self-critical portrait of a generation. (mr)


SAT 23.04.

05:45 P.M.



Picnic at Hanging Rock 

Naama Heiman, D 2021, 46 min, English Original with German Subtitles

A shared apartment in Cologne-Bickendorf. Naama Heiman lives there with her longtime boyfriend Biniam. She borrows his camera and points it at him. After a short while he withdraws, but Naama continues to film anyway. The initially harmonious scenes are followed by a breakdown in
communication, and from then on the door to his room remains closed. “The only thing left is my subjective voice-over,” states the filmmaker, recapitulating their (beautiful) common past in her stories, supplemented by razor-sharp descriptions of the current situation.
Meanwhile, the camera continues to lurk in front of the locked door. In between, observations of the middle-class life of the neighbours, peppered with angry reflections of her own dissatisfaction.
The humorous, at times boundary pushing film gives an intimate insight into the relationship between two people and questions of friendship, unrequited love and obsession. “Is this what true love is supposed to feel like? I really hope not.” (ek)