Who Is Afraid of Ideology? 

Marwa Arsanios, LBN/Kurdistan/SYR 2019, 51 min, OmeU

Destroying nature is part of a policy of assimilation on the part of the dominant nation-states. The less people are aware of their link with nature, the more likely they are to become liberal individuals, with loyalty only to the state” So says one of the activists who have their say in ›Who Is Afraid of Ideology?‹. Marwa Arsanios visits three feminist projects, in the mountains of Kurdistan, in Northern Syria and in Lebanon – areas shaped by war. Together with the activists, she reflects on the relationship to nature, the associated formation of knowledge and the right to self-defence. The cinematic strategy itself is also part of the experimental set-up, asking the question of how to overcome the ideological. Sound, voice and image are consistently decoupled and circular. In this way they seek to form a viable constellation for the future.



SAT 18.04.

04:00 p.m.