Guillaume Cailleau, D/NZ 2019, 15 min, ohne Dialog

A production facility for euro banknotes. The camera is drawn into the printing and coating process of the notes until it becomes an artifical act. Contours and motifs dissolve into abstract forms and blend into ornamental patterns. Capitalism as a kaleidoscope, money as an optical illusion. Psychedelic money making.


Ben Russell, F/D 2019, 30 min, OmeU

In French Polynesia, Paul Gauguin sought the exit from western civilization. Back to nature, pure forms, phosphorescent colors. With the painter as Spiritus Rector, Ben Russell goes to the South Seas. In the pop rhythm of the postcolonial present, scenes, sounds and contexts flow into one another. Tattoos for tourists, Marque techno, Haka dance competitions, reef sharks, sunsets, a kava ceremony, the French nuclear tests on Mururoa. From the atomic bomb to the ass bomb: a flickering synaesthetic sampling in 16mm format. An ethnographic change in style.



FRI 17.04.

11:30 p.m.