Two films selected by Werner Ružička

Werner Ružicka, long-time director of the Duisburg Film Week, has been presenting his Carte Blanche at our festival since 2019: From the east of Brandenburg, to Bali. On the border to Poland redistribution takes place after reunification. Wilhelm, the shepherd, doesn‘t stand a chance. Rücker tells his story, which is also the story of a liquidated state. Views of an exotic “dream island”. ›Balifilm‹ was created from image and sound material that Mettler collected while traveling in the early 1990s: lyrical observations backed by Indonesian bronze and wooden instruments. The observer remains a stranger, leaves the island its strangeness. There is a past in these films that is not historiographically explicable. It results from the nature of the chosen material, its attentive and sensitive handling of people and things. His trust in the essences of film: images and sounds.

Wilhelm, der Schäfer Josie Rücker

D 2004, 26 min, dt. OF

Balifilm Peter Mettler

CDN/Bali 1998, 29 min, ohne Dialog




THU 16.04.

02:30 p.m.