Zustand und Gelände 

Ute Adamczewski, D 2019, 120 min, OmeU

There are traces of the Nazi past everywhere, but Ute Adamczewski has set out to uncover them in an exemplary manner. Starting in Saxony, where, immediately after the National Socialists seized power, countless “wild concentration camps” were created in 1933. They were set up with the aim of using political detention, torture and murder in order to remove political opponents (in particular: communists, social democrats, trade unionists, journalists, writers). Today, hardly anything points to the former existence of these sometimes spontaneously built camps, but the locations themselves often still exist. They are gymnasiums and factories, barracks, castle cellars and restaurants. In the film, they are confronted with findings from archives or prisoner reports. Despite the visual and narrative density created in this way, the film emphatically marks a gap, particularly through its sophisticated sound design. Because nothing is finished here, the trail has only just started, and “Nazi hunter” unfortunately remains a profession with a future.



SAT 18.04.

05:00 p.m.